Council for Aluminium in Building

BRE Green Guide Ratings for Aluminium

CAB is pleased to report that there has been an updating of Aluminium’s generic environmental profiles and the results for 281 Elements were updated in the BRE Green Guide online on August 8, 2012.

For the first time ever since the introduction of the BRE Green Guide, Aluminium powder coated windows can now achieve the following ratings:

‘A+’ Rating (for all commercial windows < 0.9kg/m).

‘A’ Rating (for all commercial windows < 1.5kg/m).

‘A’ Rating (for all domestic windows < 1.08kg/m).

‘B’ Rating (for all domestic windows >1.08kg/m).

Ratings can be viewed on the BRE Green Guide online website

The project to update the profiles was coordinated by CAB with key sponsors being the International Aluminium Institute, the Aluminium Federation. CAB was additionally indebted to the input from the European Aluminium Association. The project also included some groundbreaking research on human ecotoxicity which was fully acknowledged by the Building Research Establishment.

The results of the project will undoubtedly offer the aluminium window industry an important boost in difficult trading conditions. It also comes at a time when aluminium continues to attract an increasing number of fabricators to offer the material within their range.