Council for Aluminium in Building

Frequently Asked Questions

CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (Pilot) FAQs

Why should I join the scheme?

The benefits of scheme membership include:

  • Generate higher quality aluminium scrap with increased value compared to mixed scrap
  • Promotion of your sustainability credentials to customers and (for the full scheme) use of the scheme logo
  • Development of the aluminium closed loop recycling value chain
  • Contribution to aluminium recycling data that could be validated for use in third party schemes.

How much will the scheme cost?

The pilot scheme is open to members of CAB and is part of your membership package. As the voice of the aluminium in building sector, the goal of CAB is to improve the collection and treatment of used aluminium in the UK and to highlight our contribution to the circular economy.

What certification(s) do I need?

We are asking for all members of the pilot scheme to hold ISO 9001 certification. In additions, we are asking for all members apart from those in the Fabricator/ Installer membership category to hold ISO 14001 certification. We are asking for UKAS accredited certification of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in order to demonstrate that scheme members have in place robust quality and environmental management systems that can help to improve their overall performance and provide a sound basis for sustainable development initiatives, such as this. This could be important in demonstrating the credibility of the scheme and its possible recognition by third parties.

Why is this a ‘pilot’ project?

We have launched this as a ‘pilot’ project so that we can fine tune the process and build member feedback and engagement. We are particularly encouraging systems company and fabricator/ installer members to join the pilot scheme and test the process. This should put you in pole position to transition into a member of the full scheme, which we hope to launch later in 2019. While no third parties currently formally recognise the scheme, we will be working across the sector to gain this recognition. The more members that join the pilot scheme and provide data, the more evidence we will be able to present to third parties concerning the credentials and benefits of the scheme.

Where can I find a list of scheme members?

The current list of scheme members will be posted on our website here.

When should I send in my first monthly return?

When your membership application meets all criteria, your membership of the scheme will be confirmed by email and the requirements for your monthly data return will be highlighted at this time. We would normally require your first monthly data return for your first full month of scheme membership.

What happens if I fail to send in a monthly return?

We will contact you to notify you of any outstanding returns. It is possible to provide a “zero” return if there have been no relevant transactions in the month. Failure by a scheme member to make monthly returns could result in them losing their membership of the scheme.

How will you keep my data confidential?

CAB will handle members’ data in strict confidence and in accordance with its Privacy Policy. Only aggregated recycling data will be published by CAB in relation to this Closed Loop Recycling Scheme (Pilot) and all reasonable endeavours shall be taken to ensure that recycling data will not be attributable to individual members.

How will you promote the scheme?

We will be sharing details of the pilot scheme with all relevant third parties to help develop the full scheme. We will be promoting the scheme to main contractors and gauging their interest levels. We will do this by direct contact and through regular emails. We will promote the scheme at relevant trade shows such as the FIT Show. We will also promote the scheme to other trade bodies and programme operators to identify how we can best collaborate and extend the scheme.

Will there be a logo to promote the scheme?

We are planning to create a scheme logo, alongside branding and claims guidance.

Will I get a membership certificate for the scheme?

We are planning to create a scheme membership certificate to sit alongside your CAB membership certificate.