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The Importance of CSCS Card Compliance

It should come as no surprise that the UK is experiencing a serious workforce and skills shortage in the Construction Industry. The current situation is a result of a workforce laid off at the beginning of the pandemic taking up alternative employment, the loss of a significant amount of European construction workers who have returned […]

100% Recyclable Aluminium?

A lot has been claimed about the benefits of aluminium by CAB and many other associations, but we should also ask: “Where would we be today without this material?” With a high strength to weight ratio, aluminium is a structural engineering material, without it we would not have the modern airliners of today, or indeed […]

CAB’s Crucial Role in Industry Training

Not many decades ago you became skilled in a profession such as joinery, plumbing or glazing, by becoming an apprentice with a company where a skilled person taught you how to become a skilled craftsperson over a period of a few years, known as your ‘apprenticeship’. After reaching the required standard you were then offered […]