Knowledge Sharing Exchange

CAB have always ensured that during any Member meetings the time is always allocated for Members to network together in an interesting venue. Rather than an opportunity for Members to ‘sell’ to each other, the experience is one of relation-building which may lead to future business. During the pandemic CAB held regular webinars on various topics when meetings were not possible.

Now that meetings are back on the agenda and in response to requests from Members for greater opportunity to network, CAB is organising an in-person Members Knowledge Sharing Exchange on the 8th September 2022 at the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire – Tickets will go on sale soon!

The aim of each Exchange is to facilitate learning and knowledge transfer that our members specialise in, to provide a platform for discussion and debate using a strictly non-specific product sales approach between member companies. Each presentation will be pre-screened to ensure all presentations are objective, educational with non-commercial content, generic and neutral. 

Sharing knowledge within organisations and across industry sectors is considered a pillar of success and prosperity. It assists in creating more awareness of and improves understanding of solutions products and services, contributes to continuous improvement, increases co-operation and acceptance to new ideas. 

Member companies in attendance will appoint a speaker to offer the pre-screened presentation to communicate, educate, share information, and network to the mutual benefit of their company and other CAB members and potentially the wider sector. 

Initially, CAB are considering a one-day Members Knowledge Sharing Exchange, with the opportunity to film each presentation, by agreement, to build a library of knowledge on the CAB website. Our intention is to secure CPD points per webinar, which in turn should gain interest from architects, engineers and other representatives from the Construction Industry, who require CPD points each year. 

For further information and a booking form for this event please see the member letter and booking form below: Member Letter

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