Mustard Wharf

Project Mustard Wharf
Location Leeds
Sector Retail and Residential
Powder Coating System Anomatch Regency Gold
Aluminium System Used Amron expanded metal mesh
CAB member Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

Mustard Wharf is situated by the River Aire in Leeds. The staircase soffits and the balustrades are a stunning feature within this residential development. Expanded metal meshes in Zircon 45 and Zircon 60 were designed by Amron, for the stair soffits, and for balustrades within the Atrium space of this residential and retail development. To retain the dramatic appeal of a metallic appearance, a shade was chosen from Powdertech’s Anomatch™ range to resemble the sheen provided by anodising. One of the advantages that Anomatch has over anodising is that it provides an homogenous finish across different metal batches and joined sections. The client chose Anomatch shade ‘Regency Gold’.