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Updated Tuesday 9 June

The UK government is enacting a range of measures to support businesses dealing with the impact of the virus. The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy has summarised a number of these measures on its website. The government has also launched its Business Support website to help businesses find the right support, advice and information to help with the impact of COVID-19. The FAQ’s section in particular is proving popular.

Current guidance is that where it is impossible for people to work from home, for example on construction sites and in manufacturing operations, then assuming they are not displaying symptoms and do not need to self-isolate, they should go to work. Full guidance on staying at home and away from others (Section 4 – Going to Work). 

The following updates links below might also be of use to CAB members:

Business Intelligence: share the impact Coronavirus is having on your organisation 
The Government is welcoming information from businesses on impacts across supply, demand and labour markets, actions to address these impacts, and any gaps in the Government response from your perspective. Please send your intelligence to Individual company information may be commercially sensitive, and it will be treated accordingly.  Please note that this inbox is only for receiving intelligence and does not provide business advice.