Issues with Accessing Construction Sites

CAB members have raised the following issue: On occasion, members of staff from some CAB member companies have been denied access to construction sites.

In general, most people denied access to site do not hold a current or valid CSCS card, or other form of competence-based construction certification.

The CSCS card scheme has been rationalised to include only persons who are undertaking construction related activities, please refer to: Construction Skills Certification Scheme | Official CSCS Website – Non-construction related occupations

For persons wishing to visit a construction site that do not currently hold a construction related CSCS card please read further at Build UK: Site Access

If you are visiting a site, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the site rules, in advance if possible, and when onsite, abide by the rules and regulations in place on that individual construction site. You will find construction sites can work under different rules.

Generally, if you attend site without a card, you would be treated as a Site Visitor, rather than a fully inducted Site Worker and may be escorted by an inducted person, for the duration of your visit to site.