Product Data Templates

A Product Data Template is a common way of describing essential product characteristics which can be traced to a credible source such as a product standard. Once a manufacturer sets out their product data using a PDT, the output is a Product Data Sheet which summarises the performance and other technical characteristics of their product. Structuring product information in this way makes the information more consistent, audience-specific, and identifies all the performance information needed to make appropriate choices about construction products. Manufacturers and distributors  looking to build confidence in their products and move closer towards implementing the Golden Thread in construction can now supply consistent performance data to specifiers, contractors and building owners thanks to the development of Product Data Templates (PDTs).

These PDTs are part of an ongoing programme of works in this field undertaken by the “shadow” Fenestration Relevant Authority as per the processes identified in the LEXiCON project. CAB is a founder-member of the shadow Fenestration Relevant Authority.