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Course 1001: CAB Essential Knowledge in Curtain Walling

Candidates can access the CAB ‘1-day Curtain Walling Essential Knowledge’ course. The aim of this course is to offer a basic introduction to the extensive glazed walling seen on building structures known generally as ‘curtain walling’. It is intended either as a revision for experienced curtain wall installers or for individuals who have little or no knowledge of the fundamentals of this type of glazed construction.

Fundamentals of the Course

What is a ‘curtain wall’, what is its function and how is it constructed are all questions addressed by the course.

Common terminology used in describing the system and its functions is also introduced so that meaningful conversation and understanding can take place by candidates once the course has been completed successfully.

The course has been designed to be a generic approach to curtain walling systems and covers the principles of construction that is common across all systems manufacturers, the course materials are generic.  The course material was created with the assistance of some of the UK’s leading Aluminium Systems Companies via the CAB Training Committee, with the support of GQA Qualifications.

Whilst the details of curtain wall are explained, the key issues of surveying, fixing and interface details with other parts of the building structure are also covered to give the candidate a broad understanding of good practice. Expected levels of quality are introduced, as are potential areas of failure by way of example. The crucial implication of ‘getting it right first time’ is emphasized as remedial work required after completion can be both costly and difficult to achieve.

Certification / Attainment

The CAB one day course offers a mandatory module leading to the award, or renewal, of a CAB Curtain Wall Installers CSCS Card, however it can also be used by CAB members as a valuable training tool to teach the fundamentals of curtain wall systems to employees of:

  • Aluminium Fabrication companies
  • Fenestration Subcontracting companies
  • Façade Installation & Fixing companies
  • Main Contractors
  • Architects

Upon successful completion of the course modules and the examination a formal certificate is provided by the training provider, which can be used as evidence of competency & training.

Course Content

The 1-day course consists of 16 headline topics:

1. Curtain wall basics9. Drawings & specifications
2. Building loads10. Setting out
3. Drainage & ventilation11. Installation
4. Basic & additional components12. Glass & glazing the grid
5. Gaskets13. Sealants
6. Fixings14. Edge details
7. Corrosion15. Testing
8. Brackets16. Quality control

Further information

Further details of the course content may be found: CAB-1-day-Curtain-Walling-Essential-Knowledge-course-introduction-course-content-.pdf (

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