Closed Loop Recycling Scheme – Join Now!

This scheme is open to members of CAB and is part of your membership package.  A library of all the relevant forms and documentation for the CLR Scheme is at the foot of this page.

Please click here to take a look at case studies written by our Founder members, explaining the value they get from being part of the scheme.

Aluminium is a “permanent” material, which means that its inherent properties do not change after repeated recycling. It therefore resonates with consumer expectations to produce and consume products in a more sustainable way. To keep aluminium in the loop, it must be collected and sorted properly. While there is always an economic incentive to recycle aluminium, one of the aims of this scheme is to increase closed loop recycling by encouraging the collecting and sorting of scrap into specific wrought alloy groups.

While such closed loop recycling of construction materials is currently voluntary, requirements could be placed on “embodied carbon” content in the future and main contractors are increasingly seeking evidence to demonstrate the sustainability credentials of their supply chain. Scrap is an important resource and we should maximise the quantity and quality of recovered aluminium scrap in the UK to build the circular economy of the future.

A total of 3,300 tonnes of aluminium recycling was reported by the pilot project during 2019. With it rising to 6000 tonnes by 2022 and with more scheme members added for 2023 the amounts of recycling are expected to increase.

We have created this 10 minute presentation on the scheme (with speaker’s notes that can be toggled on/off) that can be delivered as part of your company’s CPD. (A video version of the presentation can be found at this foot of this page.)

Benefits of membership

  • sorting and separation of higher quality aluminium scrap with increased value compared to scrap containing mixed alloy grades
  • development of the aluminium closed loop recycling value chain
  • contribution to industry-wide aluminium recycling data
  • promotion of your sustainability credentials to customers and use of the scheme logo.

Membership criteria

Please find below a summary of the scheme membership criteria, broken down by member category. Please find here more detailed information on the scheme membership criteria.

An important element of the scheme is the collection of monthly data returns from members. All data will be collected in strict confidence by CAB and should allow us to compile aggregated data that demonstrate the quantity of aluminium recycling in the UK market.

How to join

To join the scheme, CAB members need to complete the Membership Application Form. Please contact us if you require a word version to complete electronically. Please also find here more detailed information on the scheme membership criteria. This includes details on how we will process your application. Scheme members will be listed on the special page on the CAB website, alongside a page of FAQs. We require your first monthly data return for your first full month of scheme membership.

CLR Scheme Documents Library

Please find below a complete summary of all the relevant CLR Scheme forms and documentation.

  1. Membership Application Form
  2. Environmental Policy
  3. Detailed Scheme Criteria
  4. Monthly Return Proforma
  5. Style Guide
  6. Claims Guide
  7. Complaints Mechanisms
  8. FAQs


We have prepared the following short video to explain more about the scheme and why you should join.

CLS Scheme CPD video

This video has been broken down into two shorter videos: i) aluminium recycling and ii) member benefits from the CAB CLR Scheme.

i) an introduction to aluminium recycling

i) an introduction to aluminium recycling

ii) member benefits from the CAB CLR Scheme

ii) member benefits from the CAB CLR Scheme

Should you have further questions or wish to submit an application please contact