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Sustainability Resources

There are a considerable number of useful reports and summary documents on Sustainability. The following 6 publications result from the ‘Towards Aluminium Cities’ Research Programme. The object of the research funded by the International Aluminium Institute (IAI) is to quantify the in use benefits of aluminium in architecture and the environment. The programme was initiated by Chris Bayliss, IAI and Michael Stacey, Michael Stacey Architects.

Towards Sustainable Cities Books:
Aluminium and Durability (2014)
Aluminium: Recyclable and Recycling (2015)
Aluminium and Life Cycle Thinking with KieranTimberlake (2015)
Aluminium: Flexible and Light (Part 1) (2016)
Aluminium: Flexible and Light (Part 2)
Aluminium: Sympathetic and Powerful (2017)

The publications can be downloaded here

Other publications include: