CITB Funding – CAB Essential Knowledge Course

The Council for Aluminium in Building is a CITB Approved Training Organisation.

CITB funding is available for the CAB Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge Course. Companies who pay into the CITB Levy could potentially qualify for funding for placing candidates on the CAB Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge Course (subject to successful application).

The course is approved for delivery and funding on the CITB Training database. 100% of the net course price could be covered, subject to the employer meeting CITB’s eligibility criteria (as detailed on the CITB website). Please note VAT is not covered by CITB. For example:

  • Course Price = £249 + VAT = £298.80 incl. VAT
  • £249 (nett amount) covered by CITB funding = this is broken down as follows:
  • £219 from the training fund – see note 1
  • £30 from grant levy pot – see note 2
  • £49.80 VAT is excluded from CITB funding


  • Note 1 = Applied for prior to training (by the employer, direct to CITB) – please note approval cycles and timings to apply for funding, prior to training being undertaken.
  • Note 2 = Applied for post training (through the ATO, i.e., CAB – by the Employer), if the candidate successfully completes the course

There are funding options for small, medium and large-scale companies, there is also an option for funding for CIS registered construction companies (HMRC CIS Sub Contractors).

Approval for Funding

In principal if the employers’ application to CITB is approved they will fund the training cost (less VAT).

The employers’ application should reflect their training needs for the year ahead and CITB encourage them to utilise their full funding entitlement. 

In addition, the employers’ levy return and payments must be up to date, plus any previous funding must already be complete as of the date of submission.

Please note there is a waiting period and funding cycle period that will need to be followed to make an application to CITB for funding.

Further information and Guidance for applicants is detailed on the CITB webpage along with the current application form which they would need to download, complete and send to

Weblink to the GET Code information about the CAB Course on the CITB web page: CITB