CAB Curtain Wall Installer CSCS Card


  • Friday 19th April 2024 – GFTS Training Bradford
  • Saturday 27th April 2024 – Total Training, Hayes London
  • Sunday 28th April 2024 – Simply Up Training, London
  • Tuesday 30th April 2024 – Total Training, Milton Keynes 
  • Wednesday 1st May 2024 – Training, Central London (AluK)
  • Friday 3rd May 2024 – GFTS Training Bradford
  • Sunday 26th May 2024 – Simply Up Training, London


CAB in partnership with GQA Qualifications, the Awarding Organisation, who specialise in qualifications for the fenestration industry, together with the CAB Training Committee has developed a route to gaining a CAB Curtain Wall Installer CSCS Card.

The training course modules and attainment of the CAB CSCS card will provide a recognised route to proving competence and compliance to the requirements of the Building Safety Bill introduced in the House of Commons on 5th July 2021.

The CAB CSCS card has been developed in association with the CAB Training Committee. The objectives of the committee are:

  • Raise competency levels
  • Develop standardisation of basic knowledge and best practice
  • Ensure a consistency of CSCS Card Achievement
  • Ensure those installing aluminium systems are qualified in their field

The CAB Training Committee is formed of CAB members from a number of well-known fenestration system houses and other member companies, providing industry wide support to our scheme.

Industry Accreditation / Grandfather Rights CSCS Cards – Withdrawal of Scheme

CAB members are notified that Industry Accreditation / Grandfather rights CSCS Cards issued from 1st Jan 2020 will expire on 31st December 2024 and will not be renewed.

Further guidance is available on the CSCS website: Why is Industry Accreditation being withdrawn? | Official CSCS Website

Course Applications – Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge

Applications to attend the course will be managed by CAB and candidates can apply by completing the enrolment form which can be found below.

Enrolment Form for CAB 1-day Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge Course

Completed application forms should be sent to

CAB will then liaise with candidates to book a convenient course date and the training will be carried out by a GQA Approved Training Provider. Course bookings are managed on a first come first served basis. Timely booking and payment will assist in securing your place on the course.

Training Providers will offer guidance to candidates to apply for a trainee card, temporary card or renewal card and further information regarding the criteria for the CSCS card.

Please Note: Candidates will need to provide NVQ Training Centres with Photographic ID and a Passport style photo on a white background.

Please see PowerPoint sliders below that you can scroll through

Application process – Curtain Wall Installer CSCS Card

The routes to attaining the card are as follows:

Route 1 – Trainee, Apprentice, Temporary Card

Candidates applying for their first CSCS Card or those renewing a CSCS card who do not have a curtain wall installation specific qualification.

Outcome: Apply for Red Temporary CSCS Card – valid for 12 months

  1. Candidate applying for their first CSCS card in Curtain Wall Installation, before they can be awarded a temporary (12 month) red card they need to:
    • Take and pass the CITB or GQA Health and Safety Test
    • Be registered on the NVQ Level 2 Curtain Walling Installation Qualification, or the IFATE L3 Curtain Wall Apprenticeship Course

2. Once their temporary card is issued the applicant will have the length of time the card is valid for (12 months) to complete their NVQ and have taken the 1-day CAB Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge course and passed the end of course assessment and they can then apply for the full blue skilled worker CSCS card.

Apprenticeship Candidates

Apprentices may follow route 1, they will be issued a Apprentice Red Card which is valid for 2 years in the first instance with the aspiration to attain their blue skills card upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship course.

Please Note: Apprentices do not require an NVQ certification, the IFATE L3 Curtain Wall Installer Qualification is suitable for application for the CAB Curtain Wall Installer CSCS Card upon successful completion of the Apprenticeship qualification. The below flow chart was revised 27th May 2022.

Update 18th July 2022 – In support of the recent news by CSCS that Apprentices can apply for a free of charge Red CSCS Apprentice card, we confirm that CAB and GQA are in full support of this valuable initiative to get Apprentices to join our industry. Any Red Apprentice CSCS card applications for Curtain Wall Installers will be free of charge.

Route 2 – Level 2 – Skilled Workers

Candidates who are applying to renew an existing curtain wall installer CSCS card who already have a recognised curtain wall installation qualification.

Candidate applying for to renew their CSCS card in Curtain Walling Installation. Before they can be awarded a Blue Skilled Workers Card:

Take and pass the CITB or GQA CSCS Health and Safety Test

Complete the NVQ Level 2 Curtain Walling Installation Competency Update Qualification*

Attend the 1-day CAB Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge course and pass the end of course assessment and they can then apply for the full blue skilled workers CSCS card.

Please Note: 

* A Curtain Wall Apprenticeship candidate may undertake the Competency update qualification to facilitate their blue card renewal, they do not need to take a full NVQ course to do this.

If the applicant has not completed the above, they will not be able to renew their temporary card or apply for another temporary card.

Successful Outcome: Apply for Blue Skilled CSCS Card – valid for 5 years

The above table was added 31.01.23 to detail renewal routes.

Route 3 – Level 3, Fenestration Installer – Advanced Craft / Supervisory

Candidates who are applying for a supervisory level card.

CSCS Gold Card

If a candidate has achieved a Level 3 Fenestration Installation qualification with the curtain walling endorsement, they will need to take the CAB Curtain Walling Essential Knowledge course to renew their card.

Candidates should follow the relevant processes as detailed as route 1 or route 2. The candidate will require a Curtain Walling Endorsement and need to have Controlling Programme unit or Managing Staff units. Applicants need to be working in a supervisor role and have completed Level 3 Fenestration Installation qualification. The card is valid for 5 years.

Further Information

Routes to attain the required elements:

  • Element “a” – Applicants should ideally complete and pass the Operatives CITB or GQA CSCS Health and Safety Test, which is offered by CITB /  or approved GQA training provider centres.

Weblink via CITB: Book a test – CITB

  • Element “b” – Applicants should be registered on an NVQ Level 2 Curtain Walling Installation Qualification, or for renewals who already hold or are registered on a relevant NVQ qualification in curtain walling installation should be registered on the competency update.

Weblink, via GQA: GQA Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Curtain Wall Installation | GQA Qualifications  or GQA Level 2 NVQ Curtain Walling Installer Update Competency Qualification


The CAB course is a specialist knowledge course in the principles of curtain walling installation and is offered on the basis of £249 + VAT for each candidate for the 1-day course.

CAB members will qualify for a discounted rate of £199 + VAT for each candidate for the 1 day course. At application delegates need to provide proof of CAB membership to qualify for the discounted rate.

An introduction to the course and its content can be found below: –

CAB-1-day Curtain Walling course – introduction & course content

Please Note: Any re-takes of the end of course exam, or course will be chargeable.

CITB Funding

Please click here for further information on CITB Funding for the CAB Curtain Wall Essential Knowledge Course.

If you would like further information, please contact: