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100% Recyclable Aluminium?

A lot has been claimed about the benefits of aluminium by CAB and many other associations, but we should also ask: “Where would we be today without this material?” With a high strength to weight ratio, aluminium is a structural engineering material, without it we would not have the modern airliners of today, or indeed […]

CAB’s Crucial Role in Industry Training

Not many decades ago you became skilled in a profession such as joinery, plumbing or glazing, by becoming an apprentice with a company where a skilled person taught you how to become a skilled craftsperson over a period of a few years, known as your ‘apprenticeship’. After reaching the required standard you were then offered […]

Future Homes

Since the last change to our legislative window U-values for new homes in Part L in 2013, little has changed, but, that is all set to change following the Government’s Future Homes Standard Consultation. Our team at CAB have been working with our members to determine what these changes will mean for the industry and […]

Freedom and Sadness

April 2021 Whilst we begin to enjoy some of our freedoms again as lockdown eases, It is with sadness that we have recently learnt about the passing of HRH Prince Philip. At the age of 99 his passing remains a sad moment for both the UK and the family of the Queen. The roll-out of […]