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‘Urban Mines – Fact or Fiction’

Scrap aluminium has long been recognised for its ability to be easily collected and recycled into new aluminium products.  Together with its high scrap value, aluminium is rarely wasted as it feeds back via well-established recycling processes.  The EAA/Delft study back in 2004 confirmed that between 92% and 98% collection rates at the time were […]

A Word from Our Team to Your Team

October 2020 It has been a very unusual year for us all, but at last we can see members’ businesses back at work and some very busy, especially in the residential sector. Here at CAB the team has been back in the office since early August and have been catching up over the holiday season […]

‘Business as Usual’

Change happens across many industries and as an Association we are not above such changes, but we must rise to such challenges and support our members through these difficult times. Not only has the Association been faced with the industry challenges by way of COVID-19, but has also seen a change at the helm. Mo […]