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CAB a Year in Review

It has been a busy year for CAB in support of its membership and the wider industry and whilst there are challenges in the supply chain and looking forward into 2024, CAB membership continues to offer an excellent value proposition. Members have enjoyed two members meetings this year, the first in March where the meeting […]

Concern Over Future Demand

The Construction Products Association Autumn forecasts reports states that construction output remains on forecast to fall by 6.8% during 2023. The two largest construction sectors contributing to this fall is private new housing and private house repair (r&mi), maintenance and improvement. In 2024 the forecast is for a further drop of 0.3% in construction output. […]

Technical Manager

The Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB) is a UK based trade association.  The mission of CAB is to promote and protect the use of aluminium in the UK commercial and domestic architectural aluminium industry. Members include companies throughout the supply chain such as extruders, fabricators, systems companies, finishing companies, hardware manufacturers, specialist suppliers and […]

Recycling Aluminium Profiles of Today

Since aluminium’s commercialisation in the 1880’s with the advent of the Hall-Héroult process, aluminium’s recyclability has been well documented. In fact, it has always been encouraged as the material is valued highly with its ability to be virtually 100% recycled. With the advent of portable handheld XRF analysers (X-Ray Fluorescence) the ability outside the laboratory […]

CAB Reports on the Continued Rise in Use of Aluminium in Building

Fifteen years ago you could open any fenestration magazine and you would be introduced to windows, doors and conservatories all in PVC, aluminium product promotion in home improvement was few and far between. House builders at that time had adopted PVC as the fenestration product of choice which encouraged new home sales and, whilst aluminium […]