Benefits & characteristics

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  • Lightweight, strong and long-lasting

    Aluminium is a very light metal with a specific weight of 2.7 g/cm3, about a third that of steel. Its strength can be adapted to the application required by modifying the composition of its alloys.

  • Highly corrosion resistant

    Aluminium naturally generates a protective oxide coating and is highly corrosion resistant. Different types of surface treatment can further improve this property. It is particularly useful for products where protection and conservation are required.

  • Very ductile

    Aluminium is ductile and has a low melting point and density.

  • Infinitely recyclable

    Aluminium can be recycled again and again without loss of quality. The re-melting of aluminium requires little energy; it saves up to 95% of the energy required for primary aluminium production.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

    Versatile in its ability to accept different surface finishes, for example, anodising and powder coating.