CAB Position Papers

Please find below CAB Position Papers on current industry topics.

Module D & EPD

Module D – a primer

  • This Position Paper summarises what Module D is along with some of the challenges and opportunities it presents.

Calculating Module D

  • This Position Paper builds on the paper above concerning Module D, looking at how it should be calculated and included in any assessment of embodied carbon. Good building design = circular – but how do you work out the circularity of a building?

Why Module D is important

  • This Position Paper explains why including Module D in Environmental Product Declarations according to EN 15804 and also in building-level assessments to EN 15978 is critical for understanding the embodied carbon and circularity aspects. Recycled content may be a useful metric to encourage greater circularity; for metals, the end-of-life recycling rate is even better. This paper explains why.

Five minute videos on EPD

Please see below a number of short videos designed to highlight some of the key points of EPD, including how our friend Module D fits in.

1 – What is an EPD?

Further titles to come:

2 – What should you look for in an EPD – Part I

  • 3 – What should you look for in an EPD – Part II
  • 4 – How should I compare products?
  • 5 – Why is Module D so important?
  • 6 – EPD usage – where now & in future?

Pre-treatments for powder coating

Pre-treatments for powder coating

  • Summarises how the specification of powder coatings on architectural aluminium with respect to the pre-treatment may change, given the use of alternative pre-treatments to those based on hexavalent chromium compounds.

Securing unattended windows in a storm

Securing unattended open windows in a storm

  • Sets out how windows are usually tested for wind pressure and recommendations for managing the risks from unattended open windows.