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A Word from Our Team to Your Team

October 2020

It has been a very unusual year for us all, but at last we can see members’ businesses back at work and some very busy, especially in the residential sector. Here at CAB the team has been back in the office since early August and have been catching up over the holiday season on all things technical and reviewing a forward plan of events for 2020 and into 2021.

This copy of the Member Focus outlines our forward schedule of our popular Contract Webinars, that run through to the end of the year. These are supplemented with webinars covering social media and, following the AGM, a further in depth look at the state of the UK Construction Market with Noble Francis which will offer members a good insight as to what 2021 holds for us all.

The CAB Board are reviewing what the next steps for CAB will be and, as soon as we have some news for our members, we will inform you immediately. In the meantime please let the team or me know if we can assist you in any way.

Adrian Toon
CAB Board Director
Events for 2020

To support our members through these difficult times we are continuing our popular Contract Webinars with Driver Trett and have added two further Webinars covering Social Media with David Glenwright, Head of Training & Special Projects at JC Social Media, including a ‘Social Media Clinic’ where members may pose questions.

Webinars are free for members to attend and are limited to one hour, making the presentations relevant and practical for all. Each Webinar encourages attendees to pose questions to the speakers for a short Q&A which follows the presentations.

More information is located on the CAB Website and should you wish to book places on any of these please contact Julie at the CAB offices.


New Members Joining CAB

We are delighted to announce that we have had two new members join the Association in September:

AluFold Direct have applied for and have been approved by the Board for CAB membership. The residential sector continues to be very active despite the pandemic and this is a sector where CAB wishes to offer increased support for its membership.

Equipment and composite panel supplier, ProCompositeSolutions have also been approved for membership, bringing expertise in building envelope and cladding solutions to our membership.

We look forward to supporting both AluFold Direct and ProCompositeSolutions and welcoming them to some of our future events.


CAB Training

I am pleased to inform you that the CAB Training Committee has remained active over the last few months and that we are now close to offering a GQA/CAB Approved Course, a ‘One Day Curtain Walling Essential Knowledge’ Course which is being offered by two independent professional training providers. This Course forms the basis of learning towards the granting of a CSCS Curtain Wallers Card for the industry. CAB Members will be offered training courses at reduced rates and will be bookable through CAB.

There is an introduction to the scheme, by way of Webinar, set up by CAB on 6th October for all Systems Training Managers and invitations have been sent out. The Webinar is also open for any other member to attend to learn about the scheme and how it will benefit the Curtain Walling Industry in the UK. Should you wish to attend please drop Julie a line, further information is available on the CAB Website.


CAB Closed Loop Recycling Scheme

Now officially launched from the initial pilot scheme, CAB continues to spearhead this initiative which aims to maintain specific ‘grades’ of aluminium alloy rather than lump these together. The result has far reaching implications for aluminium in the UK where smelters are keen to take clean scrap back into the production cycle rather than ship out of the UK mixed and low grade scrap.

The scheme is designed for both pre-consumer and post-consumer scrap, the latter, aluminium removed from our demolished or refurbished buildings is of particular interest. With todays technology, it is possible to remove virtually all non aluminium parts from a scrap window, door or curtain wall and identify which grade of aluminium alloy the product is. With the end scrap product of clean, chipped, alloy of a particular grade, it can remain in the UK and be resulted back into billet for further extrusion.

Benefits include a higher value for the scrap removed and some very powerful green credentials that can be offered to client and contractor. Should you wish to learn more about the scheme, consider adopting the scheme for a future project, or joining the scheme please contact Justin. Further information is also on the CAB Website.


CAB Member Benefits

CAB continues to offer a strong value proposition for its members across the construction supply chain. Despite the lockdown and social distancing rules, which meant that meetings for 2020 had to be cancelled, the member benefits continue to offer excellent value for current and new members to join CAB. Please take a moment to look at the current benefits on offer and if you think there is anything else that would enhance your membership let me know.


Events for 2021

Despite the rise in coronavirus cases across the UK, which we hope will be brought back under control for year end, we are already planning some face to face networking events for 2021. These events will go ahead if it is safe to do so and we will be continually monitoring the situation and, of course, keeping you informed of progress.

The first event it is hoped will be a Members Day to be held at the National Memorial Arboretum in Staffordshire in late May 2021 which will be followed in early July with our very popular AGM, Golf Day and Dinner which attracts over 200 members and guests. Later in the year we have our rescheduled Royal Armouries event which many members signed up for in early 2020 which sadly had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

We are also working on a range of Webinars and Meetings to support membership in 2021 as we feel these will continue to offer an excellent way for our team to keep in touch with your team in the most efficient way.

As soon as we are able, we will be letting you know our programme of events for 2021.


From your Team at CAB

Julie Harley – – CAB Events Manager
Justin Furness – – Technical Director
Martin Ford – – Technical Support Officer
Jessica Dean – – Membership Support & Finance Officer

Adrian Toon – – CAB Board Director