Standards Watch Service

  • Are you using the latest versions of standards to ensure your work meets up to the minute requirements?
  • How can you assure your clients that you are working with up to date standards and keep ahead of your competitors?
  • How can you keep track of the changes to key standards and demonstrate document control?

The Standards Watch Service is available to CAB members to simplify the task of keeping your standards library up to date.

As a member of CAB, with the Standards Watch Service you will be able to check that you are using the most recent versions of the British, European and International standards, allowing you to confirm compliance with confidence. There is no additional charge for this service – it’s all part of your CAB membership package.

How to activate your Standards Watch Service

1) Tell us which standards are important to you and we will notify you on a regular basis when any changes or updates to these standards are published [see Note 1]. The service is confidential and your details will not be shared with any third parties.

2) Please refer to the list(s) below where we have collated standards by member category. Mark in the form all the standards that you would like us to watch on your behalf and add the details for any additional standards at the end of the table [see Note 2]. We will continue to add new lists for other member categories, so be sure to check back here regularly.

3) Return your completed form to us, either electronically or by fax using the contact details in the form and we will start your Standards Watch Service.

Standards Watch Service – Fabrication Standards – Iss 03

Standards Watch Service – Hardware Standards – Iss 06

Thank you.

Note 1: Please note that, for the BSI technical committees that CAB is a member of (i.e. B/520, B/538 and B/558), we will continue to alert CAB members of any relevant standards that are being amended or out for public comment via the pages of Insight.

Note 2: Typically up to 30 standards could be included in a member’s list. If you need to watch more than 30 standards, please contact CAB.