International Partners


The Federation of European Window and Curtain Walling Manufacturers’ Associations (FAECF) involves 6 national associations for the metal construction industry, including CAB, and Qualicoat:

The main objective of FAECF is to strengthen and extend the position of the European metal-based industry in the construction sector. European collaboration is increasingly important with the implementation of the Single Market. Many issues that previously could be addressed at only a national level now need to be dealt with from an international perspective as well.

FAECF is a member of Metals for Buildings, the European metals alliance for recyclable & sustainable buildings


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FACE is a global and European initiative led by VMRG and FAECF. FACE is a network for façade technology, façade and comfort innovation, knowledge, relationships, experts and the wider community.

The ultimate aim is to raise façade architecture, façade technology and the façade industry to a level of global and continuous excellence.


European Aluminium (EAA) actively engages with EU decision-makers and the wider policy community to promote the outstanding properties of aluminium and optimise the contribution our metal can make to meeting Europe’s sustainability challenges.


Current International Aluminium Institute (IAI) membership represents over 60% of global bauxite, alumina and aluminium production. Since its foundation in 1972 (as the International Primary Aluminium Institute), the members of the IAI  have been companies engaged in the production of bauxite, alumina, aluminium, the recycling of aluminium, or fabrication of aluminium or as joint venture partners in such.  While the Institute works closely with the national and regional aluminium associations, with which it shares many members, the associations themselves are not members of the IAI.