Albert Road

Project Albert Road
Location North London
Sector Residential
Powder Coating System Wood Finish (PWF)
Aluminium System Used Aluminium aerofoil blades
CAB member Powdertech (Corby) Ltd

Powdertech Wood Finish has been used in the renovation of residential blocks on Albert Road, North London. The wooden screens had warped and deteriorated and no longer travelled smoothly across the windows. They were also loose with the danger that they might fall on people below. Refurbishment also provided the opportunity to refit with materials conforming to current fire safety regulations. Powdertech pre-treated and coated 9500 linear metres of extruded aluminium in PWF 30. Wood Finish conforms to the required reaction to fire specification for residential buildings of this type, A2-s1,d0. The aluminium screens will not warp and need only minimal maintenance.