Indiabulls Blu Residences


Project Indiabulls Blu Residences
Location Worli, South Mumbai, India
Sector Residential
Main Architect Anupam De & Associates
Main Contractor LGF Sysmac
CAB member Securistyle

Indiabulls Blu Residences is one of the largest, luxury residential builds and India’s first major parallel window project. Securistyle specified and installed over 8,000 hinges onto the four tower blocks including the Parallel Plus and Storm window hinges.

The Parallel Plus offers the ultimate solution in natural ventilation by providing a balanced air flow around the entire opening and complements the modern aesthetics of the towers with its slim sightlines. The Storm window hinges were specified to achieve a high gust loading performance of the projecting top and side hung windows with a small opening of 40mm to ensure occupant safety.