Mount Earl Gardens

Project Mount Earl Gardens
Location Streatham, South London
Sector Residential
CAB member Powdertech (Corby) Ltd
Powder Coating System Polyester powder coating, Powdertech Landscape™ ‘Brick Red’
System Aluminium screening with horizontal bars

Walkways have been designed within the block, with ‘modernist’ aluminium screening allowing light through whilst still keeping residents secure. The design vision required an homogeneous appearance as a whole, with the screening blending with the external red brick facade. The client selected the perfect shade from our LandscapeTerrain range of powder coatings – ‘Brick red’. Powder coating brings further benefits, particularly to a modular build. The apartments were factory-built leading to a faster build time, off-site.  Powder coating is also a factory-controlled process, reducing time spent, and waste generated on site, and not dependent on weather conditions.