Newfoundland Tower, Canary Wharf, London

Project Newfoundland Tower, Canary Wharf
Location London
Sector Residential, Restaurants, Retail
Main Architect Hordon Cherry Lee
Fire Safety Consultant Arup Fire
Facade Consultants WSP Group
CAB member Siderise Insulation | Council for Aluminium in Building (
Passive Fire Protection Siderise CW-FS Curtain Wall Firestop

Siderise , leaders in the development of fire, thermal and acoustics insulation solutions, has provided firestops as part of the curtain walling system for the largest residential tower in the UK and what is destined to be one of Canary Wharf’s most iconic and distinctive buildings.

At the western end of Middle Dock and close to the River Thames, the 60-storey Newfoundland Tower has been designed by architects Horden Cherry Lee for Canary Wharf PLC and will provide 636 private rented apartments. Central to the diamond-shape design is an innovative and transparent diagrid façade formed by diagonal steel members which are both aesthetic and provide the main stability for the tower.

Siderise recommended the use of its CW-FS120 firestop to seal the gap between concrete columns and the inside of the façade. By addressing these gaps, the firestops maintain the floors’ fire compartmentation of the building.

Manufactured to a special patented process, Siderise CW-FS system features a pre-compressed and non-combustible stone wool lamella core and integral foil facings. With an overall Class A1 rating and excellent resistance to smoke, the system can offer fully tested and third-party approved options for fire ratings up to three hours.