Microsoft Rare

Project Microsoft Rare
Location Atherstone. Warwickshire
Sector Commercial
Powder coating system Powdertech Evolution’Copper Mine’
System Aluminium aerofoil solar shading
CAB member Powdertech (Corby) Ltd and Dales Fabrications Ltd

The designers of new premises for Microsoft Rare focused on creating a building in tune both with its rural surroundings and also with the inventive and artistic profession of the occupants. The building resembles a large barn with wooden panelling and beams, to which dramatic aerofoil solar shading and weather louvres designed by Zefyr are attached. To offset the wood and create a contemporary image the designers selected our ‘Copper Mine’ finish for the solar shading and weather louvres, giving the effect of patinated copper or verdigris. Copper Mine’ is a textured finish and will give a pleasing variation in shade as sunlight moves across its surface.