UL Solutions

Address Halesfield 2
County Shropshire
Telephone 01952 586580
Fax 01952 586585
Email buildingenvelopeeurope@ul.com
Website www.ul.com
Contact Gailord Nepp
CAB member since August 2013
UL Solutions

UL Solutions is a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 5772 and a UKAS accredited certification body No. 4705. They provide a comprehensive range of Testing & Certification services to the building and construction industries.

Thanks to their accreditation, their testing and certification are recognised by a wide range of global institutions.

They are also listed on the Secured by Design list of accredited facilities and certification bodies, allowing all test results to be used to demonstrate security performance.

• CWCT Sequence A & B Façade Testing for Curtain Walling & Rainscreen Cladding
• BS EN 13830 Façade Testing for Curtain Walling (for CE Marking)
• PAS 24:2016 Enhanced Security Performance testing required for windows & doorsets in the UK
• BS 6375 Parts 1, 2, 3, Strength, Operation and Weather Testing for windows & doorsets
• CWCT Section 9 Hose Testing & Spraybar Testing
• CWCT TN 67 Safety and Fragility of Glazed Roofing
• UKAS Accredited Certification Services for the Window, Door, Curtain Walling & Rainscreen Cladding industries.

And more services for the Building Envelope industry to come…