Alder Hey in the Park

Project Alder Hey in the Park
Location West Derby, Liverpool
Sector Healthcare
CAB member Dyer Environmental Controls
System RZN 4364-E SHEV control panel.
RZN 4332-E SHEV control panel
CDC 200/600 drives
RT 45 SHEV operation panel
32A rated smoke ventilation control panel (RZN4332)

The Alder Hey in the Park project is the first of it’s kind in Europe, a children’s hospital built entirely in a park with a design inspired by children. Dyer supplied and installed smoke and natural ventilation control panels, drives, containment systems and wiring. A second bank, triggered by BMS provides cross flow with façade windows as part of the passive ventilation scheme. Working closely with the design and management team from Crown House Technology, the project was delivered on time and within budget.