Irene House

Project Irene House
Location London
Sector Residential
Project value £75,000
Subcontractor Window Ware
CAB member Window Ware
System DUCO Grille Solid F30Z Glazed-in aluminium louvres

When one local fabricator won the contract to supply around 300 brand-new aluminium windows for a renovation project in London, converting an old commercial unit into residential flats, they turned to Window Ware to advise on and provide the most appropriate glazed-in louvres to meet the client’s specification.

The project demanded durable, custom-built glazed-in louvres with insulation backing panels capable of meeting specified U-values. The louvres would be connected directly to ducting for the ventilation system via a round cut-out made onsite by the contractors to allow for adequate airflow to meet building regulations. The finish of the louvres needed to match the RAL colour of the specified SMARTs window system.

The ideal solution came in the form of DucoGrille Solid F 30Z aluminium glazed-in louvre grilles supplied with 33mm double-skinned aluminium blanking panels with FABROCKTM A1 rated insulation and custom powder coated in SMARTS textured anthracite grey KL14ST to a durable marine-grade thickness of 60-80 microns with a 10-year paint warranty as standard. At 32mm thick, the louvres were thicker than the standard 28mm to suit the triple glazed glass panels specified in the project. The finished louvres were delivered direct to the fabricator in 3 phases to match the project timescales exactly.