Fapim S.p.A.

Address Via delle Cerbaie
114-55011 Altopascio
Telephone 07535 180133
Email simon.bailey@fapim.it
Website www.fapim.it
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CAB member since May 2021
Fapim S.p.A.

Fapim, an engineering industry, world leading, manufacturer of top-quality solutions and accessories for aluminium windows and doors, 100% made in Italy, provides for excellent solutions for windows, doors and emergency exits since 1974. Fapim brand is globally recognised and the company exports 90% of its production to over 100 countries. Fapim SPA features a catalogue of over 20,000 items, covers an industrial surface of more than 100,000 square meters with two production facilities and employs 500 people. They have more than 40 sales organisations, including agents and contacts in France, Great Britain, Greece and the United States. As well as subsidiaries in Spain, Belgium, Poland, Russia and Argentina, ensuring widespread product distribution all around the world. Fapim SPA have state of the art production facilities and processes, constant investments with a growing attention to both territory and resources and a constant search for new solutions have always been the hallmark of the company.