2023 Review and a Thank You to all CAB Members 

We would like to express our gratitude for your continued membership and support of the Council for Aluminium in Building (CAB).  

 Over the past year your and your company’s involvement and commitment to CAB have enabled us to continue to educate and inform users, specifiers and clients about the features and benefits of aluminium as a sustainable building material, promote technical excellence and encourage the development of an increasingly professional and trained workforce within the aluminium in building products sector.  

 CAB have recently published an average aluminium window EPD for members and earlier this year your Association launched its ‘Path to Net Zero’ consultation process where guidance is provided to help in the journey to Net Zero. 

The consultation process is designed for systems houses, fabricators and installers to capture their organisational carbon footprinting of today, then guide each Member with a strategy to reduce their CO2 emissions and provide the evidence through an annual ‘Greenhouse Gas Inventory’.  

Our ‘Closed Loop Recycling’ scheme is coming of age. Whilst members can now recycle their fenestration aluminium within a closed-loop, that is to retain the exact grade of alloy, extrusion grade back into extrusion, this year there have been some notable large projects that have embraced the initiative and we have more projects in 2024 that will feature the scheme.  

We have seen an uplift in consultations and policy engagement over the last twelve months and we have put forward the views of our members concerning such matters as product availability, building safety issues, energy and cost of living inflation, the transition from CE to CA Mark, and the decarbonisation agenda to the UK government.  

Looking ahead to 2024, we are all preparing for another bumpy ride, full of unpredictable twists and turns.  CAB members will need to continue to manage supply issues for some time yet – whether it is products, skilled staff or working towards new standards and regulations.   

 CAB has no silver bullets for these huge challenges, however we are investing for the future with the recruitment of a new technical manager to add strength to our dedicated and passionate team that will hit the ground running in 2024, determined to address or alleviate the challenges and opportunities that the sector will face in 2024.    

 Our members have always been adaptable, resilient, and innovative.  CAB’s unwavering commitment to support our members remains, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with all our members to drive growth further in the sector in 2024 and beyond.   

  Meanwhile, on behalf of the Board and the CAB Team we would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in these challenging times and to thank you for your continued support of your Association.  

Best Regards,

Peter Dziurzynski, CAB President and Phil Slinger, CAB CEO